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The Glare

The Glare

The Glare are a powerhouse three-piece electronica/trip-hop outfit who have spent the recent period of lockdown secretly and meticulously distilling their unique sound in a cellar in North London. Unafraid to speak their truth and live their politics, they are a timely band for all those who feel marginalised by a world that doesn’t care

The Glare has spent lockdown literally underground, creating and recording their brand-new debut single ‘Born Liar’ and finalising their brand new EP to follow.

They have also been shaking up the online world with several exceptional live remote performances, including a live show in support of Under One Sky – a charity aimed at ending homelessness in the U.K. and standing proudly alongside the environmentalist Extinction Rebellion, undertaking several performances in support of their important work.

“Lilybud spits fire at austerity, poverty and injustice in an astoundingly beautiful and powerful voice.” – Atilla The Stockbroker