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JP Riley

JP Riley

“Well, here’s one to watch, for sure.”

Chris Hawkins BBC 6 Music

Have you ever thought what it might sound like if you were to create drums using recordings of a lampshade or an elevator? Well join J.P. Riley as the auditory tidal wave that is his new EP “Warmth,” which is set to lap over the airwaves in mid 2021.

Drawing from an array of different influences: alt-J, The Night Cafe and Enter Shikari to name a few, the British alternative pop artist has spent the past year moulding his musical style around his unique use of heavily morphed everyday sounds paired with emotive, melancholic lyrics, deep bass lines and heavily syncopated drums. After he had developed repertoire he was happy with, J.P. worked alongside Producer Tony Biggz of Zion Recording Studios, who was previously an MC for acts such as Rudimental, Chase and Status and The Prodigy, in order to record the songs and fully realise the songs from his old attic bedroom at his parents house.

The first single of the EP, “23rd April” is set for release on the 12th March and was written in defiance of the resentment that J.P. was feeling for himself at that time. It tells an introspective story of dealing with ill-feelings and coming to terms with how oneself can move on from them.