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Andreas & The Wolf

Andreas & The Wolf have been partners in crime for many full moons, both as musicians and as djs. In bands: The Scratch, The Dodo, The Bleeed, Reverse Family & The Tuesday Club, (Where these personas were honed) and now as their own fully fledged ‘Alt Electronica’ duo, for as the world was sleeping, weeping and bickering about gawd knows what, Andreas & The Wolf were hard at work on their debut LP. Fountain of Truth. An album born in the 80’s but conceived in the last decade… they have been waiting in the shadows, but now the time has come for it’s long awaited release…

But that’s only half of it!…For If you love ‘Indie’, ‘Indie Dance’, ‘New Wave’, ‘Post Punk’, ‘Old School Punk’, ‘Vinyl’ and discovering ‘NEW music’, the Andreas and The Wolf Radio Show has to be the show for you!

They began on Recharged Radio’s ‘Sound of the Suburbs’ show and then moved onto The Tuesday Club’s – ‘Club Foot’ podcast, but when the this ended in 2015, it seemed the duo’s radio days were over…

But as 2018 dawned Andreas & The Wolf decided it was time that they cranked up the turntable once more and give the world a chance to hear their sizeable back catalogue: Andreas and The Wolf (The band), The Tuesday Club, The Bleeed, Reverse Family, The DODO and Diamond Meadows, plus previous label Ponyland Records’ The Scratch.

The Andreas & The Wolf radio show isn’t just an excuse to plunder their own musical heritage though, this eclectic ‘podcast’ comes interspersed with tracks by established artists that have influenced them , but also tracks by fellow DIYers & underground mavericks! Check out the last 2 years shows here…



La Dharma Band

The four piece blend 80’s pop with indie to create something akin to a musical lovechild of The 1975 and The Cure. Founding member Chris Leedham’s ease of creating meaningful stories backed my an 80’s sound have earmarked the band as a one to watch in 2020.

Formed in the West Midland in 2017 the band have built up a huge underground following locally that’s making local promoters take notice. The bands signature sound was born and musical experiments between Chris and guitarist friend Daniel ‘Jonah’ Jones. The driving force of drums and bass was added by James Morris and Christian Booth respectively and La Dharma were born.

You can see the band on the following West Midland date… 24th January 2020 – Discover Series Festival – The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham, B5 4EG




JP Riley

Have you ever thought what it might sound like if you were to create drums using recordings of a lampshade or an elevator? Well join J.P. Riley as the auditory tidal wave that is his new EP “Warmth,” set to lap over the airwaves in mid 2021.

Drawing from an array of different influences: alt-J, The Night Cafe and Enter Shikari to name a few, the British alternative pop artist has spent the past year moulding his musical style around his unique use of heavily morphed everyday sounds paired with emotive, melancholic lyrics, deep bass lines and heavily syncopated drums. After he had developed repertoire he was happy with, J.P. worked alongside Producer Tony Biggz of Zion Recording Studios, who was previously an MC for acts such as Rudimental, Chase and Status and The Prodigy, in order to record the songs and fully realise the songs from his old attic bedroom at his parents house.

The first single of the EP, “23rd April” is set for release on the 5th March and was written in defiance of the resentment that J.P. was feeling for himself at that time. It tells an introspective story of dealing with ill-feelings and coming to terms with how oneself can move on from them.

The Glare

The Glare are a powerhouse three-piece electronica/trip-hop outfit who have spent the recent period of lockdown secretly and meticulously distilling their unique sound in a cellar in North London. Unafraid to speak their truth and live their politics, they are a timely band for all those who feel marginalised by a world that doesn’t care.

The Glare has spent lockdown literally underground, creating and recording their brand-new debut single ‘Born Liar’ and finalising their brand new EP to follow.

They have also been shaking up the online world with several exceptional live remote performances, including a live show in support of Under One Sky – a charity aimed at ending homelessness in the U.K. and standing proudly alongside the environmentalist Extinction Rebellion, undertaking several performances in support of their important work.

“Lilybud spits fire at austerity, poverty and injustice in an astoundingly beautiful and powerful voice.” – Atilla The Stockbroker